Term and Condition

Terms and Conditions (Personal Use Only)


1. About

This document pertains to the usage of "Waon Siba" or "The Gimme Shibazuke Voicebank" (both names represent this voice bank), and the user must accept and comply with the terms given in this document.


※Note: Shibazuke is traditional Japanese pickled vegetables from Kyoto and used as a pun with Shiba’s name.


"Waon Siba" or "The Gimme Shibazuke Voicebank" is defined as the .wav files recorded by Tomohiro Jinnai and the character design made by Pesatsu. 


This voice bank is made for use in UTAU, however there are no restrictions for using this voice bank in other programs as well.

This document and the Terms and Conditions may be subject to sudden changes by the authors.


2. Tags

If this voice bank is used in any forms of work, including video, photos, and illustrations, should have a tag labeling this voice bank.


3. Copyright

The copyright for "Waon Shiba" is owned by Tomohiro Jinnai and Pesatsu.

Any alteration of the files without permission and any infringement of copyright is strictly forbidden.

The alteration of oto.ini is allowed to permit flexibility in the user’s comfort with using the voice bank. However, any distribution of an altered oto.ini file should be done with the permission of the authors.


4. Liability/Exemption

The authors do not bear any responsibility for political, economic, or social issues that may arise from the use of this voice bank.


5. Restrictions

The use of this voice bank for political and/or religious hate speech is strictly forbidden.

The use of this voice bank to promote violence and/or discriminatory ideals is strictly forbidden.

Please use this voice bank with responsibility.

As stated in Clause 3, any infringement of copyright is forbidden.

As stated in Clause 6, any redistribution without permission is forbidden.

Any action infringing the terms in Clause 8 is forbidden.


Any works using this voice bank that do not follow the listed terms and conditions may be subject to deletion and/or immediate halt of distribution. 


6. Redistribution

Redistribution and/or secondary distribution of this voice bank is forbidden, unless this voice bank is no longer downloadable AND the authors, Tomohiro Jinnai and Pesatsu, cannot be contacted in any form. 

If the download source is no longer functioning, please contact us for re-upload of the voice bank.

If the download source error is caused by the host site, please contact the site for a solution.

When the error seems to last for a long period of time, the authors will personally distribute the voice bank upon request.


7. Use

All personal use requires no contact or permission.

Uploading works involving this voice bank, such as Pixiv, Tmbox, or Niconico Douga, should follow the terms stated in Clause 2 and be tagged correctly.

Use of this voice bank in distributing works, such as Doujin or commissions, require contact and permission from the authors. 

Please place noticeable description of the use of this voice bank on distributing works.


Any commercial use for this voice bank is listed in a different document titled, "Commercial Terms and Conditions". Please consult this document for information on commercial use.


8. Portrayal of Character

Coupling or "Shipping": Any relationship portrayals with all genders is permitted. However, please abide by the terms and conditions of this voice bank and the partnered character.


Sexual portrayal: Sexual portrayal of "Waon Shiba" is permitted. When doing so, please place a warning on the degree of portrayal.


Violent or Grotesque portrayal: Minor bleeding and injuries are permitted. Any extreme portrayal, such as exposure of organs and severing limbs, requires permission from the authors.


Humanization(Transfur)/Changing into a woman: Permitted, to a degree.


Cosplay of another character: Permitted, to a degree.


Distribution of goods (Commercially or non-commercially): Permitted. Contact with the authors beforehand is much appreciated.


Use in Doujin: Permitted.


The phrase, "to a degree", is defined as any portrayal that does not degrade or demoralize "Waon Siba" or "The Gimme Shibazuke Voicebank".




Overall, use of this voice bank is permitted, if the use is deemed reasonable and does not ruin the image of the voice bank. If there are any unanswered questions regarding the terms and conditions, feel free to contact us at anytime. Happy UTAUing!


translated by Take